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Travelling to NAB? We’ll see you there!

In the production world there are a few key events, with the biggest and best likely being NAB in Las Vegas. 

Production World is on our way there today to get the scoop on all of the latest gear, gadgets and announcements of this year’s show. 

So what are we excited to see? Our top 5 picks are below:

1) the new 4K Canons – the XC10, C300 Mark II, and whatever other cool stuff they bring along

2) Blackmagic Design’s Monday announcement. BMD always kicks off the show with some cool announcements. This year, we’re expecting news of a 4K 150fps V2 sensor for the URSA, possibly a smaller version of the URSA, and hopefully more. 

3) the Atomos Shogun: we’ve wanted to go hands on with one of these for some time. Hopefully they’ll have new announcements for us too. 

4) the drone pavilion! Not only do we want to go hands on with a Phantom 3, but zillions of drones in one place ought to be awesome. 

5) RED’s portable clean room. Each year RED brings along their portable clean room to let attendees watch the MX to DRAGON conversions, and this year will be no different, only DRAGONs will be being upgraded to WEAPONs. 

Well, there’s tons more than that. The review and approval space is white hot, with, Wipster, LookAt and even the shared storage companies vying for market share. 

The lighting and accessory booths are always awesome too. 

We’ll be updating the site with news and photos from the floor, tweeting and creating a daily update video, brought to you by Wipster. 

Stay tuned for NAB coverage from 


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