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Check out new sample footage from the Insta360 8K VR Camera

Insta360 has released all-new footage shot on the Insta360 Pro, its groundbreaking six-lens professional VR camera.

One of the newly released videos, shot in 8K, showcases the Insta360 Pro’s low-light image quality while giving viewers an immersive look at Tokyo’s famous Kabukicho district.

The other shows what the Insta360 Pro’s onboard image stabilization technology can do with a Segway ride around a sunny park.

[Download Insta360 Player here and the original footage here to watch the videos at full quality. Or watch them — not at full quality — on our YouTube channel.]

Bringing together best-in-class 360 and 360 3D imaging, a seamless live-streaming experience, and advanced real-time image stitching technology in one compact device, the Insta360 Pro represents a leap forward for VR filmmaking.

[Click here to see a live-stream sample by the Pro on YouTube.]

Shipments began last week for customers who preordered the Insta360 Pro, while regular orders are open on Insta360’s online store.

All-in-One Tool for 360 Creation

Ready to shoot 8K 360 video, 6K stereoscopic (3D) 360 video and 8K stereoscopic 360 stills, the Insta360 Pro is an all-in-one tool for 360 creation and broadcasting.

It uses an innovative real-time stitching technology that allows creators to grab fully stitched, ready-to-view 360 stills and video straight from the camera – no post-production necessary. The feature also means that users can easily live-stream VR experiences around the world on a platform of their choice.

Meanwhile, filmmakers who prefer granular control and the highest possible image quality can use the free Insta360 Pro Stitcher software to fuse their images in post-production.

From its flexible controlling software – with versions for mobile and desktop – to its single-card storage system and compact, lightweight design, the Pro is designed to let users stay focused on creating.


The Insta360 Pro is available for purchase globally via Insta360’s online store, and is priced at $3,499 USD.

For detailed specs, visit:

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