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Check out the new “Vacation” Red Band Trailer

The Griswold’s are back, and – despite the collective groan of an entire generation upon hearing of the reboot – the trailer looks pretty darn good. This time around, Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth lend star power to the fifth movie in the Vacation franchise (unless you count Christmas Vacation 2 and Hotel Hell Vacation, which we certainly do not).

The concept sounds 21 Jump Street-esque – take a formula that worked years ago, revamp it for today’s moviegoer, and hope it works. In this movie, the Griswold family find themselves in a rut and Rusty (Helms) thinks back on the trip that started it all – the drive to Walley World depicted in the original Vacation film. He loads up the kids into a car nearly as ugly as the family truckster and the pilgrimage to the same theme park is underway.

From the looks of things, Chevy and Beverly (the original Clarke and Ellen Griswold) reprise their roles in a cameo.

Note that there’s some NSFU (not safe for work) language in the trailer, and um, Chris Hemsworth’s skivvied appearance is not safe for work, around kids, or in few other situations, but funny nonetheless.

Check it out!

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