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A drummer is raising one hand with a drum stick in the air in front of a huge concert crowd at live concert. Czech Republic 2010. (Photo by Diverse Images/UIG - Getty Images)
  • Page Views 120 Expands to Include Music Production and General Industry News is proud to announce that it’s principles have followed a dream and are now including music-related news and information on what has historically been an audio and video production only website. We think the addition of a tangential industry will make for a more interesting website.

Writer Heidi Pazulla and music and video expert Russ Fairley will work together to ensure the best in the industry is covered. We will be at the largest music industry events and will be reporting the best and brightest from music manufacturers, artists, software developers, and much more.

We are very excited about this new development, and think that the timing is perfect for the expansion. Please stay tuned for more information in the coming days!

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